World Cup 2014, Spain 0 Chile 2: Early Exit for The Champion

Spain is home early in World Cup 2014. The Champions defeated twice by Netherlands (5-1) and Chile (2-0). This is the decrease of Spain momentum and Vicente Del Bosque should be aware of this to prepare Spain in the next European tournament.

Iker Casilas Spain goalkeeper and captain
Spain Captain Iker Casilas
Spain repeat what France had suffered years ago, being eliminate in the group stage. Being Champion 4 years before to become loser in this year tournament. Andreas Iniesta, Sergio Ramos, Iker Casillas, Diego Costa are the best player in European competition but this time those big names cannot lifted Spain as the previously they win the World Cup. 

From my point of view Spain lost Puyol as the benefactor in defense area. Puyol and Ramos are rivals in their club but when they partnered in Spain soccer team they could work together. Puyol is the spirit of Spain defense, his timely tackle and never let opponent pass his area are his characteristic of game play. His present both in Barcelona FC and Spain let his team to attack and possess the ball as long as they wanted. When the team loses to possession Puyol will be aware and make the midfield and attacker comfortable because he just cuts the danger. 

Spain game play which adopt Barcelona tactic also the reason of how Spain lost in two matches. Vicente Del Bosque still try to impose threats by winning the possession with his midfield, however Barcelona tiqi taqa is already studied by millions of soccer fans. Let alone coaches who participate in this World Cup they must be anticipated the strategy and find any information to defeat this.

Juan Mata is Manchester United player who is a Spaniard and the coach do not play him in the second game. I do not recall if Spain coach called him to join the team or not. Personally I want to see David De Gea make his debut in this World Cup but the goalkeeper is injured as news said.