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World Cup 2014: Netherland 2 Mexico 1, Robben Dives Mexico Disaster

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I do not watch the World Cup 2014 Netherlands vs Mexico live because of some technical difficulties, but I managed to see the highlight of the game from Manchester United striker Robin van Persie is not the topic right now but his vice captain in Netherland, Arjen Robben did. Mexico lost the match because the attacking winger from Bayern Munich dives in the last minute is the topic of post match. On the other hand, Javier Chicarito Hernandez cannot maintain the moment he had with Mexico.
arjen robben

Netherland vs Mexico a Crucial Moment

I kinda feel sorry for tricolor squad but they also have crucial mistake against the dutch. Mexico could have won their ticket to the next round if they did focus until the last minute of the game. Losing your focus before the reff blows his whistle to signal the end of the game can cause you great lost.
For example Bayern Munich in 1998/1999 Champions League final. Manchester United secured treble winner in 1998/1999 by defeating Bayern Munich when two of Beckham's corners could create goals from Ole Gunnar Solsjaer and Teddy Sheringham. Watch closely how Bayern Munich defender, Samuel Kuffor did not mark Ole Solksjaer and Teddy Sheringham as he marked Andrew Cole/Dwight Yorke before. Ole and Teddy punished Bayern Munich for their defender mistakes. Two goals in two minute drama of Nou Camp.
This is what happen in Mexico as I read the news after Netherland vs Mexico game, they let their mind off somewhere else while they lead one goal. The Netherlands playmaker Wesley Snijder take the chance to equalize for Netherlands. He whose always forced by Mexico player to play in the middle of the pitch was unmarked and unleash strong volley which Mexico Guilermo Ochoa cannot anticipate. Ochoa as I post previously is not an ordinary goal keeper, he was the best goalkeeper in this tournament in my opinion.  Reflecting from this Netherland vs Mexico match I recommend Manchester United new manager Louis van Gaal and assistant manager Ryan Giggs should pay attention of this for Manchester United campaign next season. Never let the players on the field loose their focus to the game until the referee blows his whistle to signal the game is over.
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Another example of getting scored in the crucial last minute was USA soccer team whose finally getting a 2-2 draws against Portugal in the second group phase. USA soccer team get their lead after Clint Dempsey bizarre goal but instead focusing on defending the players expecting the reff to blow his whistle while Portugal and his superstar Cristiano Ronaldo keep attacking from the right and left wings. The waves of cross and penetration each by Cristiano Ronaldo in the left and Luis Nani finally pays up in the additional time. Cristiano Ronaldo's crossed from the right (after the former Manchester United winger exchange side with Nani) finally met the head of Portugal striker and the ball meet the nett unexpectedly. Tim Howard (who also the ex manchester united goalkeeper) could only see the ball without any reaction to stop the header.

Netherlands vs Mexico, Sneijder Momentum and Robben Incident

Lets go back to the Netherlands vs Mexico game. When Wesley Sneijder equalizes for the dutch, each team goes for play to their best. However Mexico lost their momentum of the game while Netherlands in the other hand gain theirs. Arjen Robben became more motivated his penetration from the right wing force Rafa Marquez to tackle the Bayern Munich player. That is how Robben come up with the idea of diving inside the penalty box. As I see in the replay indeed Robben's feet was tackled by Mexican central defender but the the collision was not that bad. Marquez missed the ball but it just so little but Robben's trick made the referee points the penalty spot and Robin van Persie subtitute Jan Klass Huntelar do his job perfectly by sending Ochoa to the wrong side of the goal.
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