World Cup 2014, Italy 0 Costarica 1, England Out of World Cup

Rooney and Gerrard-England out of world cup
Rooney and Gerrard after Uruguay match
This is another shock for England supporters all over the world, England out of World Cup! Despite Wayne Rooney had scored against Uruguay in 2-1 defeat and the sheer of optimism provide by last night match of Italy vs Costa Rica, the three lion squad still have to take their chin up. Show the world English Premier League is still consist of the best English talents and the best soccer competition.

Costa Rica shows they are should be considered as the real dark horse of this World Cup. England supporters were hoping Italy can defeat Costa Rica so that although the chance is small England still have the chance to progress. Italy's squad consist of Serie A players and key members of each well known clubs in Italy. Ruiz the Costa Rica captain provide that grieve to England and Italy. His header from left wing cross cannot be stopped by Gianluigi Buffon. Italy responded by switching their midfielder to attacker. Cassano, Insigne, and Cerci hand in hand with Balotelli to break Costa Rica defense. However until the ref blow his whistle  Italy still cannot scored.

The positive think of England Out of World Cup is Wayne Rooney will be fit to start English Premier league next season with new manager.