World Cup 2014: Germany 4 0 Portugal, Ex Manchester United CR7 Could Not Save Portugal From Defeat

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World Cup 2014 first group match will be the worst moments for the ex-Manchester United player Cristiano Ronaldo as Germany won 4 goals to 0. Soccer nowadays is no longer a man play, super team is needed to win a game with super players.
Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal
Cristiano Ronaldo avoid German's player
Germany was playing with their best game ever. They do not depend on one man like Portugal did with CR7. Ronaldo is indeed an extraordinary player he had fancy footwork, stamina to play 45 minutes, strong kick either with left or right foot and high vertical jump. But this ability cannot win the collective play of German players. Moreover, the Germans are playing in high spirit because their chancellor Angela Merkel was watching the game. 

German will be at ease when facing second match in Group while Portugal need to drive their adrenalin to the highest level. Cristiano Ronaldo just like German players, he won't let Portugal campaign in Brazil World Cup 2014 being dismissed. Facing second group game Portugal will be concern about their captain, in the training ground Cristiano Ronaldo look injured and he told reporter whose asking him will he be playing in the next game that he will tell the coach if he will be able to play or not.

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Luis Nani play like Cristiano Ronaldo but the players is lack of fortunate moment that cost him his career. He only played 11 times last season with Manchester United and he had been reported frustrated with the life in Old Trafford. Moreover Louis van Gaal the new manager of Man United is currently in Brazil with his team. In this tournament where the Reds player are with their national team van Gaal will be able to see which one will be fit in the next Manchester United squad under his regime.

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