World Cup 2014: Brazil 2 Colombia 1, Another Jersey Charm? Yellow Brazil Defeat Red Colombia

Brazil won the match 2-1 with David Luiz awesome freekick and Brazillian captain Thiago Silva goal in the early minute of the match. Brazil and Germany will see each other in Semi-Final of World Cup 2014. This is will be the final replay of World Cup 2010 in South Korea and Japan when Brazil with Ronaldo-Rivaldo as duo striker defeating Oliver Khan and Germany. This time the squads is new but Brazil will get a lot more advantage than Germany.
Thiago Silva-yellow soccer jersey-Brazil

Brazil-Yellow Soccer Jersey-David Luiz
Colombia decrease the deposit after James Rodriguez perfect penalty. The Colombian still the top scorer of the tournament but Messi and Neymar and Thomas Mueller who still in the tournament could topple any time. 
James Rodigues-red soccer jersey-yellow soccer jersey-Neymar

The Charm of color again showing to Brazil and Colombia match. Each team had yellow as their main color of jersey. However as host Brazil got to wear their Yellow jersey and Colombia has to picked their second red away jersey. Colombia with their yellow soccer jersey could win the match against Uruguay in the first knock out stage, James Rodriguez was the star of the match with his two goals.
Brazil-David Luiz-Colombia-James Rodriguez-red soccer jersey-yellow soccer jersey