World Cup 2014: Argentina 1 Switzerland 0 Another Champion League Memory For Otmar Hitzfeld

Argentina and Switzerland match was one sided game for the most viewers of World Cup 2014. Argentina with the new Maradona, Messi dominate the game since the first minute and Switzerland was planning to go on penalty shoot out. Switzerland plays very defensive maybe Hitzfeld adopt Italian traditional tactic of ultra defensive combine with Germany's tactic to hold Maradona in 1974 World Cup (correct me if i am wrong).

When Messidona (a new nickname by the press?) got the ball switzerland players were surround him. His bunny dribble still could passed them but he can't scored. Messi is marked tightly when he come close to the penalty box, he couldn't shoot without Switzerland players standing in front of him to block or to tackle.

Switzerland tactic seem to work out and their plan will come until 12 minute left in the second extra time Messidona do his magic like he always do entire game but not to shoot, he rather passed the ball to Angel Di Maria and he shoot the ball hard and low to the corner of Switzerland goal. THAT was a relief for Messi and Argentina. Messi got involved in accident with Xaqiri if I remembered when Messi elbowed him in the face.
argentina vs switzerland world cup 2014
guardian, Di Maria celebration after scoring

I am sure Hitzfeld disappointed with the result as his plan destroyed in the injury time. It was just like another Champion League Final of 1999 against Manchester United. The victory grabbed in front of his eyes just in the final minute. But I have to credited this experience manager who could make Switzerland compete with major nation which known for the squad qualities.