Manchester United 1 vs 2 Swansea: Louis van Gaal First EPL

Manchester United F.C. | Wayne Rooney '53
Swansea F.C.                | Seung-Yeung Ki 28, Gylfi Sigurdsson 72

The English Premier League finally begin. Manchester United first match against Swansea was held at Old Trafford Stadium for the first meeting of the two club to begin 2014/2015 English Premier League. Man United before the match come to be the upper hand if statistic on pre-season tour is listed. No European competition this season and American tour begins to make Louis van Gaal feel optimistic of the current squad to face the real test in domestic competition. However the yesterday result was a little bit disappoint.
Louis van Gaal disappoint after Manchester United lost Swansea
Frown face (EPA)
In a conference after the match Louis van Gaal said he is disappoint with the result and he fears it will smash the confidence of Manchester United Players. The Manager had warn his player that the fans are expecting something in the first match. They (the Manchester United players) do not play bad but they feel nervous about the expectation from the fans. The mental stage of the players lead to wrong choices in the field and the result is a pity. Van Gaal remind the players to play at the high level as they did in pre-season tour and also play as a team. Furthermore Louis van Gaal admit that Manchester United management have to react fast on transfer window this season before it closed. A new defender should be a great addition to complete the current squad.

The recent result from Louis van Gaal is being compared to the previous manager, David Moyes. The ex-Everton manager first game against Swansea last year ended for Manchester United favor by defeating the Swans 4 goals to 1. Louis van Gaal admit that he disappoint with the result but stressing that winning the first game will not make you a champion, the result in May [ 2015] is. Louis van Gaal reaffirmed the issue that Manchester United needs more time to adjust in the new manager. This statement was David Moyes' answer to all fans, media, and whoever cares about Manchester United F.C. last season (until he sacked). Maybe Roy Keane was right, the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson had his own fault, that is not preparing his replacement before he retired.

Phil Jones is noted as the best player of Manchester United in the match against Swansea. He was protected by the experience players such as Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic, and Patrice Evra and this year he had the chance to prove himself to protect Man United defense in three center back formation. Another notable player in this match is Adnan Januzaj whose Paul Wilson reported until his departure on the field the team play with unrecognisably pace and penetration.

Wayne Rooney, the new captain, speaks up to the criticism after the bad result of the first English Premier League match. He said the players are not out to prove people wrong.We are out to win things for ourselves, the fans and this club." Furthermore he stated last season was a disaster. " It wasn't good enough. And it’s always a bigger story when Manchester United struggle – you are going to get ex-players having their say. We have to accept it and be ready for it."

“We know that if this club is successful it is great and if it is not then there are a lot of people who are waiting for you to fall so they can get at you. We have to make sure we are successful. We have to make sure last season was a one-off because that was not good enough.”

On the other hand, the vice captain, Darren Fletcher give another thought about the result and the blossom of Manchester United youngsters. The scot said manager is right by giving the youngsters the platform to grow. The homegrown players is been Manchester United mark since the era of the late Sir Matt Busby which continue in Sir Alex Ferguson. About the defeat the vice captain said that people have been waiting for this moment to bully Man United. This is the moment where they had the chance which they cannot take previous years. Darren is confident that the fans of Man United still backing the club to achieve the domination in England, like Louis van Gaal stated after the match conference "The Champion is determined in May [2015]."

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