Javier Hernandez Can't Wait to Face His New Manager and Manchester United Teammate Robin van Persie in Knock Out Stages of World Cup 2014

Javier Hernandez said he can't wait to face his new manager and Manchester United teammate Robin van Persie in knock out stages of World Cup 2014. Chicharito so far in the World Cup 2014 campaign have been served as substitute in Mexican side. However he still perform well enough that in the Croatia game finally he scored after receiving Rafael Marquez header from corner kick.

Javier Hernandez, Chicharito
Chicharito Hernandez predict the game against his new manager and Manchester United teammate Robin van Persie will be a hard game for his team. However he and the rest of Mexico squad are preparing for the hard fight to win to the next round. He added Mexican who come to see and support Mexico in World Cup 2014 had came through difficulties and this is the players duty not to disappoint them.

His teammates and Mexico, Rafael Marquez will be facing his Manchester United teammate Robin van Persie. The Mexican captain is criticized for his age but Man United and Mexico number 14 said Rafa is having good character and good records. Chicharito believes that the captain still an important player of team. (Update: In the end it was not van Persie who defeat Rafael Marquez but Arjen Robben)

The last group stage in World Cup 2014 will soon come to end and as Javier Hernandez who is eager to fight his new manager and teammates Robin van Persie, find out Manchester United news and transfer speculation for the next glorious season.