Free Domains for Life: Are There Any?

Free domain for life is most blogger in develop countries search for.


The answer is simple.

Most bloggers in develop countries search free domain for life because they think cannot afford to buy regular TLD domains offered by various registrar around the globe.

I was one of them when starting my blog.

When I began to write articles and monetize content on the blog I used the blogspot or wordpress sub-domain.

If you read some articles about how to choose your website address, you already know that having your own address without a service name tagging along is very important.

Using your own website address without or tagging along will give your blog a sense of professionalism to your blog audience.

And maybe because using your own web address look more professional your blog will had more chance to be accepted in content monetization program such as Google Adsense.

This professionalism sense glued to your audience if you also use your domain to your email address to communicate personally with your blog audience.

Since I know the importance of having my own blog address I tried to have one.

However, before I had a job, I still using blogspot subdomain and wordpress subdomain.

I read a lot about how a blogger get their free .com domain from a web host company. I read and I did the tutorial.

Still, I was disappointed because I cannot fulfill the web host requirements.

That is why I understand Freenom become popular around the globe especially in developing countries.

Many blogger recommend Freenom service to get your own blog domain. Even more some articles mention you will be getting a free domain name forever.

Is that real?

Well if you do not read terms and conditions of the service you will agree. On the other hand if you had your chance to read their tc you will avoid using Freenom services and choose with the current subdomain instead.

Deficiencies of Freenom’s Free Domain Service
Freenom is a registrar from Netherlands according to their website. The information about this company is very limited in the internet.

This company offered ccTLDs from several small countries such as Tokelau (.tk), Equatorial Guinea (.gq), Mali (.ml), Central African Republic (.cf), Gabon (.ga) that can be use free of charge.

Bloggers do not have to pay anything to use those free domains and they can use Freenom to custom their blog. You cannot use Freenom service with because custom domain on wordpress will charge you 13 dollars.

On one side you might think Freenome service is a gift from God. You probably think you will get free domain registration for lifetime using their service.

These are some of deficiencies of using Freenom’s domain services.

Brandable? No. People recognize a dot com, a dot net, or a dot info for website address.

A dot tk?

Well not many big webs that I know of using this TLD.

However Verisign show that this domain registration statistic is the number two of the most popular domain being registered after the dot com.

I am guessing this happen due to Freenom strategy of business. They registering domain name from their free domain users.

How about a .GA? A dot ga show promising.

Bloggers are referring Google Adsense and Google Analytics as GA for short. This will come in handy if you blog about those topics.


Do blogger own their free domain?

The answer is a big NO.

Bloggers as stated on their terms and condition are only a user for the domain not the owner of the domain.

The owner of your registered domain name with freenom belongs to the company.

That is why if Freenom find someone offering hundreds of dollars for your domain they may decide to sell your dot tk, dot ml, dot ga, or dot gq domain without giving you a notification.

Their service is seem only as free domain registration only.


My short survey on a Google plus community finds few bloggers only use this domain for short period.

They only use the service to get approved by Google Adsense program.

My other finding is quite a shock.

A lot of freenom service user that also member from my facebook group are complaining their website taken by freenom without notification from the company.

If you want to own your free domain you must pay 260 dollars. This is more expensive than you buy domain from prominent registrar such as godaddy and namecheap. Totally free domain name that you hope for when you using freenom service is NONE.

So the Bottomlines..
Do not use Freenom free domain service. Avoid it as you can.

You better search for .com domain free for 1 year offered by a web host than you have to register your domain with Freenom. You may find this offer at GROW program.

Feel free to ask anything to their customer service.

This program began last year with .com domain free for 1 year. I am late for this info and still grateful to have .net free domain for a year.

This is the most logical way to have free domain name registration without hosting on that web hosting company.

If you buy their hosting products you will get a free .com domain for life. It is common practice nowadays isn’t?