Malaysia Commented On Living in Brunei

So I was in Brunei for a trip and I learnt some fascinating things from my host, aside that FYI.... You pay 0% GST and tax!

1) Cost of living so dirt cheap (cheap fuel, electricity, etc).

2) No local stockmarket to trade

3) For 1,000 Brunei dollar you can survive in Brunei. I'd like to think that analogy as you earn SGD but stay in Taiping.

4) So cheap to rent, and property prices don't drive people up the wall.

5) International bank like HSBC are moving out of Brunei soon because they can't compete with a local bank funded by the sultan which offers very low interest rates when it comes to loans.

6) Starting work @ 10 am is normal. Yep, you can say low productivity, and the pace of things are slow. If you are just above average, you can really make a good living here.

7) The dome of mosques are solid gold. I saw it (didn't feel it though).

8) Lots of Banglas. Understandable. I mean if I know, I'd choose to work in Brunei (Brunei dollar is pegged to SGD) rather than in M'sia.

9) Normal working class people from Sarawak who are working in Brunei can send their kids to UK for study no sweat.

10) No car-locking required. In fact, you can leave your keys in the car, and unlikely anyone will steal it. Why? Hudud law - convicted of stealing means fingers chopped off

11) If you are a single guy, be aware not to drive and ferry a single Malay lady sitting beside you - you could be interrogated for 'khalwat' and if convicted, you are forced to marry the Malay lady. By the way, the sentence for adultery is stoning to death - Hudud law too!

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