The Double Jeopardy Technique by Darren DeMatas, Director of Digital Marketing at The Molehill

  1. Use Google Keyword Planner to find informational keywords
  2. Find base keyword with SEMrush
  3. Find best content for the particular keywords
  4. Forum research
  5. make the content the answer
Jopardy terms
how, who, what, when, where, why, tips
enter product page url into Google Keyword Planner
include when, where, why, what, how, and tips
sort results by search volume
add relevant keyword
copy keywords plan to clipboard

content with informational keywords are
easier to rank for
result in more traffic
easier to build links to
helpful to building customer trust

check keyword difficulty and base keyword with SemRush
click on the least dificult keyword
result section click on the first few listings
export semantic keywords from top ranking pages
check the difficulty of volume keywords to see if there is a better option

find your best content "low difficult keyword"

research forum

example "base keyword" inurl:forum narrow result "base keyword" "how" OR "what" OR "why" OR "tips" inurl:forum

1. understand how real people talk about topic
2. learn about your customer pain points
3. fill in the gaps in your content with ideas from passionate people
4. Humanize your content

Update content
1. include the base keyword (only) in the URL
2. include your base keyword in the Page Title H1
3. Include semantically related keywords in other headings and body copy
4. 301 redirect the original blog post to the new page
5. add link to your product in the first 100 words

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