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What Man United Legend DO After Retired?

Paul Scholes get his new career in television as tv pundits for ITV and BT Sport and he said it was too late for the new manager to hire him as coach. The Man United legends help Ryan Giggs as interim manager following David Moyes resignation after 10 months of his signing with Manchester United. Together with Phil Neville and Nicky Butt, Scholes help Ryan to make Man United getting 1 win at home 2 draws and 1 lost last season.
Paul Scholes as a TV
Speaking with Phil Medlicot from Press Association, the ginger prince said, “It’s no different. I have not spoken to the new manager and there is no need for him to speak to me really. I only helped Ryan for a few weeks at the end of the season and I wasn’t on a contract. I didn’t have a job with the club and that is no different now." He added,"It is probably a bit too late now. I couldn’t wait around forever. 'I had the offers from television, I had to make my mind up if I wanted to take them on and I’ve…

Zaha Transformation Under New Manager From Winger to Striker

Manchester United winger, Wilfried Zaha, finally get his chance to prove his worth in front of the new manager last night. Zaha, who last season being loaned to Southampton, played as striker when Manchester United won the International Champion Cup against Inter Milan.

Reflecting to last season Zaha said that he will prove himself in the new manager. Louis van Gaal want him to play as striker for Manchester United, this position is new for him because he usually play in the wing. However he try to impress new manager even though the new role imposed by the manager made him nervous.

Zaha said his career next season just like starting from beginning. Last season he was not pick by David Moyes to be in the squad, but with van Gaal reputation to give chances to young players, Zaha feel motivated. “I am used to being a winger but if a manager wants me to adapt to a new position, then I will have to – and I don’t mind. To be honest, it’s not as much running as being a winger, so I will take …

Breaking News: Vanishing Spray Will Be Use in English Premiership

The vanishing spray, that proved such a success at the World Cup in Brazil, will be used in the Premier League from this season onwards.

Following the lead of both Italy and Spain, top-flight matches in England will feature the spray, used by the referee to mark the distance between the ball and the defensive wall, making it more difficult for the defending side to encroach.

The Premier League had appeared reluctant to commit to introducing the spray, stating it would monitor its suitability, but it has since decided to give the green light.

The Premier League chief executive, Richard Scudamore, said: “At the Premier League we are open to developments that enhance the competition and it was clear from watching the World Cup in Brazil that vanishing spray benefitted referees, players, and all of those who watched the matches.

“Having witnessed that, and following consultation with our clubs and the PGMOL [Professional Game Match Officials Limited], we have decided to introduce it in the Pr…

International Champion Cup: Inter Milan F.C. vs Manchester United F.C.

Manchester United won the second match in International Champion Cup against Inter Milan. However the Reds could only win the match in penalty shoot out after goalless 90 minutes. Wilfried Zaha played in this match along with Luis Nani and Chicharito. Louis van Gaal system prove effective this time while Man United dominate the game.  For you who not watch the game live, here is the highlight

The manager himself pleased on overall performance show by Man United Squad. He said the defenders is doing well in the third game. "The first match was zero goals, the second match was a fantastic goal by Pjanic, an error from the goalkeeper and a penalty given by the referee, and today again zero goals." Louis van Gaal hint to sign another defender before the transfer window closed, but he also hint to use Man United home grown players to compete in English Premier League next season. How about the speculation of Thomas Vermaellen transfer? The start of English Premier League wi…

Manchester United Kits For 2014/2015 The Last From NIKE

To begin new season Manchester United kit change their famous red jersey. The 2014/2015 home jersey which had been introduced in beautiful video (you can watch it here) showed the evolution of manchester united jersey from time to time. Chevrolet, an automotive giants will be manchester united sponsor engrave in the jersey replacing AIG (please correct if I am wrong).

This is the look of the new Manchester United kit for Barclay English Premier League season 2014/2015. Inside the collar engraved the club value "Youth, Courage, Greatness." Unlike the last jersey made by Nike the latest Manchester United jersey the Chevrolet font is not monochromatic. As the picture shows Nike uses white design elements on the sleeve and collars. The iconic of the new jersey will be one button, the diablo red color, and the combining of white and black color.

The new Manchester United kit is available on pre-order on official manchester united megastore. This jersey will be the last jersey of Ma…

Louis van Gaal, Shaw Is Not Fit

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal asked defender Luke Shaw to train alone. According to Dutchman was assessment the 19-year-old  left backt is not too fit.  Shaw joined United from rival clubs in the Premier League, Southampton, through a deal reportedly worth 30 million pounds (50.93 million dollars), the highest amount for a young player after the World Cup campaign.  luke shawLuke Shaw begins his individual training on Monday apart from his colleagues during an open session  against the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field. "I have always been a coach who saw every individual and what is required of the players," said Van Gaal told reporters when asked why Shaw practicing alone. "Luke does not fit fit enough in the result he could not perform as I expected. He has to be fit and therefore he trains alone"  "I do not what [is the cause]. I see what I saw. I have spoken to him and we made program together and he agreed." Van Gaal could not assure how lo…

Wesley Sneijder Stay With Galatasaray, Closed The Speculation of Manchester United Transfer

Netherland midfielder Wesley Sneijder stay with the Turkey  Galatasaray this season, although there is speculation that he would leave the club following his impressive performances in the World Cup, the club's president said on Tuesday (29/7).  wesley

Galatasaray will attempt to give a big impact in the Champions League this season after signing former Italy coach Cesare Prandelli as their new coach. "Sneijder will stay with Galatatasaray," said club president Unal Aysal, as quoted by Turkish media.  "It's not just our opinion, but Cesare Prandelli and the player. There is no discussion that divides between us."  "He had a grueling season and immediately after that he played in the World Cup. He will be back to join us after the holiday." Aysal previously said that the club will sell Sneijder only if there is a club is willing to meet the requirements of the release clause of 20 million euros. Sneijder, who brought Galatasaray fr…

Manchester United New Transfer Policies under Louis Van Gaal

David Moyes inherited Louis van Gaal too much home work to be done. So when Manchester United approach him to be the next manager, he had some time to think before he answer for a "yes". He said that Sir Alex Ferguson will be the legendary Man United manager and he will not going to argue with that. However Manchester United under his management will be different although Moyes leave him a broken team. He added his experience with Ajax, Barcelona, Bayern, and AZ will help him to progress and achieve what Manchester United had left out. louis van gaal, van persie, and vermaellen?In order to make Manchester United back on top again with the difficulties Louis van Gaal admits he will not make the panic decisions. He is still asses the current Manchester United squad to play as he wants. Even tough news reporting van Gaal is eager to land Juventus Arturo Vidal, he still believe that the current Man United midfielder is need time to prove themselves worthy in his system. The remai…

Marouane Fellaini will join Napoli in Loan Spell?

Marouane Fellaini will join Napoli in loan spell reported by Daily Mail. The ex-Everton player is not wanted by Louis van Gaal as Manchester United player for the upcoming season. While the team is training and having to prove their worth in the squad in America tour, Fellaini and Adnan Januzaj are staying at Carrington to test their physic after the long holiday. Fellaini in an interview said he do not to prove anything to anyone, this implied the new Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal. He can accept van Gaal decision and openly accept the choice of being in the transfer list.
Fellaini Rafael Benitez the Napoli's manager is rumored had interest to sign the player. It was said that the ex-Liverpool manager could make Fellaini find himself again as he did in Everton. Manchester United will release the player for £27.5m but it seem Napoli will be likely want Fellaini on loan. This option will be agreed by Man United management if Napoli accepted to pay the player salary as fully, …

Young Manchester United's player hoping to break into the First Team

Young Manchester United's player hoping to break into the First Team as the tour to USA campaign begin and the new manager Louis van Gaal had tracked record of promoting young players from each club he managed. Jesse Lingard and Sam Johnstone stated this on interview as the youngster follow the pre-season tour in America. Jesse Lingard had loan spells with Birmingham City and Brighton and Hove Albion last term and impressed throughout, and he enjoyed his loan experience. Jesse Lingard is delighted to be in the squad for Tour 2014, coming on for the second half against Roma in Denver, he hopes he can continue to catch the eye of Louis van Gaal and his coaching staff for the rest of the trip. louis van gaal lead the

"We knew about the manager's track record before he came to the club and how he promotes youth. You've got to wait for your chance but make sure you take it when you get it. All the youngsters have been doing well and most have had…

International Champion Cup: A.S.Roma 2 vs Manchester United 3

Before I write about Manchester United result in USA tour against A.S.Roma please watch this video first.
If you see the video there are some important parts that you, a manchester united f.c fans, optimistic for the next season. One Wayne Rooney show his important role in the game. He scored a beautiful goal outside of the penalty box. This is what the England striker ability that made Sir Alex Ferguson sign him from Everton F.C. The second one is his passing from the middle of the pitch to lead Juan Mata goal. Of course the goal was not only Rooney pin point passing but also Mata's run who break A.S. Roma defense. The third one is man United goalkeeper in this match, Ben Amos error that lead Pjanic goal. I mean by Amos error is his positioning. Pjanic would have not score if he stay in his line. Fourth, Manchester United defense error. Michael Keane gave A.S. Roma penalty because he accidentally touch the ball in Man United penalty box. Francesco Totti was not wasting the opportu…

Manchester United Transfer Speculation: Juventus Arturo Vidal not enough with Luis Nani and £30m

Manchester United Transfer Speculation- Louis van Gaal is a big fan of Arturo Vidal since the player was in Bayern Leverkusen. He tried to sign him since he was Bayern Munich manager. After agreeing to lead Manchester United next season in the Premier League once again van Gaal showed his interest to this player.

Arturo Vidal is currently play fro Italian Champions Juventus. Together with Paul Pogba, and Andrea Pirlo Vidal becoming key players of the club.  Vidal is widely known for his tireless cover in midfield and he also could get in the box and score. Speculation arise the Chillean midfielder is opening his option to leave Juventus next season. A £40m innitial transfer believed is the price for Manchester United to obtain this player service. The club itself had try to persuade Juventus with  £30m plus Luis Nani. reported this evening that Juventus had rejected Man United official offer for Arturo Vidal. The failure to get Vidal to Man United will make van Gaa…


Dari Ali bin Abi Thalib berkata: “Aku bertanya kepada Nabi Shallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam tentang keutamaan (shalat) Tarawih di bulan Ramadhan lalu beliau Shallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam berkata: Di malam ke-30: Allah berfirman: Wahai hamba-Ku makanlah dari buah-buahan surga dan mandilah dari air Salsabila.”

Manchester United Transfer Speculation

Players Out
Manchester United will listen to offers for Wilfried Zaha, Bebe, Anderson, Marouane Fellani, Javier Hernandez, (update) Ashley Young, Tom Cleverly, Luis Nani, Nick Powel, Patrice Evra.
Tom CleverleyTom was a midfielder who raised from Man United youth system. He was expected to be the next prince of Old Trafford replacing Paul Scholes. His first opening season with the club was okay, he made great assist and he also scored goals. However as the season come to the climax and the club began to loose its position in the league, Tom Cleverly become the scape goat. Speculation around him said that Everton will save him from the new Manager sweeping the dead woods.

Patrice Evra

The France left fullback is speculated to leave Manchester United last season after his contract expires. He was Man United vice captain after Nemanja Vidic. He is quick and he could attack as well as defending his area. After participating in World Cup 2014 with France national team, Juventus declared their …

Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson is furious because he feel being cheated about Manchester United schedule in English Premier league matches this season. According to Fergie, there is conspiracy to thwart Manchester United race for the club third consecutive title in English Premier League.

Although the the English league headquarter denied this claim, Ferguson could not understand how MU have to fight a top 10 ranked team in the league last season, especially early in the season Champions league schedule that must be acted coincide with the league schedule

At least it happened later in February against Inter Milan in the Champions League and Manchester United should be going home to England because it challenged Portsmouth and Liverpool respectively

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Manchester United Formation Next Season: A Fluid 3-5-2?

When Louis van Gaal is with Netherlands he played a fluid 5-3-2 formation and Netherlands achieve the third in World Cup 2014. Van Gaal's system is based on Netherlands total football philosophy which mean every player should defense together as team and also attack as a team. Wingers is the core of van Gaal's strategy and he had the best winger in the world, Arjen Robben. When he officially take control of Manchester United Van Gaal apply this system to the team and leaving the old system of Sir Alex 4-4-2. The same core of van Gaal formation and Sir Alex is the wing, Ryan Giggs was the irreplaceable left wing Sir Alex for the left and for the right Manchester United had David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and the recent Antonio Valencia. (CR 7 was exclusion in this matter because he played both in right wing or the left regards to the strategy).
Ashley Young has his own thought about the new formation.
just-football.comIn an interview with the club media Ashley Young said, "…


Dari Ali bin Abi Thalib berkata: “Aku bertanya kepada Nabi Shallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam tentang keutamaan (shalat) Tarawih di bulan Ramadhan lalu beliau Shallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam berkata: Di malam ke-29: Allah memberikan ganjaran baginya 1000 hujjah (argumentasi) yang dapat diterima.

Ospek Mahasiswa Baru di Jurusan Sastra Inggris UNP

Waduh besok masuk kuliah. Bagaimana ya ospek mahasiswa baru di Jurusan Sastra Inggris? Ketakutan ini pasti ada pada setiap mahasiswa baru tidak hanya di jurusan sastra inggris tapi pasti juga di jurusan lainnya.
Sebelumnya saya ucapkan selamat bagi mahasiswa jurusan bahasa dan sastra Inggris yang tahun ini. Menjadi mahasiswa berarti anda telah melangkah dari fase pelajar untuk menjadi manusia intelektual. Tenang saja pilihan anda tidak salah, dengan kuliah di sastra inggris akan terbuka berbagai macam kesempatan bagi anda untuk berkarir nantinya di dunia kerja.
Pasti anda merasakan deg-degan dengan pengalaman ospek mahasiswa baru di jurusan sastra inggris nantinya. Sama seperti anda saya juga merasakannya dan mungkin hampir seluruh mahasiswa baru merasakan hal yang sama.
Mengenang kembali masa-masa ospek mahasiswa baru di jurusan sastra Inggris Universitas Negeri Padang membuat saya ketawa sendiri. Kadang juga nangis sendiri. Karena banyak kenangan yang ada di waktu ospek tersebut.


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Keperkasaan Al Qassam dan Kekalahan Zionis Israel

Sejak saya membuat postingan mengenai serangan balasan brigade Izzanuddin Al Qassam ke Israel, hingga kini Zionis Israel tetap memperlihatkan kekejaman mereka dengan menargetkan warga sipil Gaza dalam membalas kekalahan demi kekalahan yang mereka terima saat berhadapan dengan sayap militer Hamas tersebut.

Lebih dari 1500 rumah warga Gaza, Palestina hancur dan tak laik huni. Hingga saat ini ada 700 lebih korban jatuh atas serangan-serangan Zionis Israel yang menargetkan anak-anak, wanita, dan orang tua di Gaza. Brigade Izzanuddin Al Qassam bersama dengan pasukan-pasukan perlawanan Palestina di Gaza selalu berusaha untuk memukul Zionis Israel hingga tujuan mereka tercapai.  Dunia dan terlebih Zionis Israel sekarang terkaget-kaget dengan kemampuan Perlawan Palestina. Kemampuan persenjataan mereka meningkat dengan pesat jika dulu saat membalas dengan roket Perlawanan Palestina hanya mencapai kota Sderot, kini dengan roket-roket baru buatan pejuang-pejuang Gaza daya luncurnya telah mencapai …


Dari Ali bin Abi Thalib berkata: “Aku bertanya kepada Nabi Shallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam tentang keutamaan (shalat) Tarawih di bulan Ramadhan lalu beliau Shallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam berkata: Di malam ke-28: Allah mengangkatnya 1000 derajat di surga.r.

Umar Abduh Mengungkapkan Kecurangan Pemilu Presiden 2014

ust. Umar AbduhPemilu Presiden 2014 ternyata penuh dengan kecurangan! Hal ini disampaikan oleh Umar Abduh pada sebuah diskusi. Luangkan sebentar untuk melihat video dibawah ini, dimana Bapak Umar Abduh memaparkan kecurangan yang terdapat pada pemilihan presiden kali ini.

Saya pikir pemilu presiden Republik Indonesia 2014 telah berakhir pada hari Selasa tanggal 22 Juli kemarin. Ternyata masih ada masalah yang ditinggalkan dan ternyata mempunyai efek luar biasa pada kehidupan berdemokrasi di Indonesia.

Mengenai kecurangan dalam demokrasi dan tidak netralnya lembaga termasuk personil penyelenggara di Komisi Pemilihan Umum tentunya sudah tidak asing lagi untuk sebagian dari masyarakat Indonesia. Istilah seperti serangan fajar adalah bentuk dari kecurangan dalam  pemilihan umum. Baik di pemilihan legislatif, maupun di pemilihan kepala daerah atau yang sekarang di pemilihan umum.

Dari video diatas saya menyimpulkan bahwa buruknya proses demokrasi yang terjadi di Indonesia adalah karena beberap…


Dari Ali bin Abi Thalib berkata: “Aku bertanya kepada Nabi Shallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam tentang keutamaan (shalat) Tarawih di bulan Ramadhan lalu beliau Shallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam berkata: Di malam ke-27: Pada hari kiamat ia akan melintasi Shirathul Mustaqim bagai kilat yang menyambar.

Lailatul Qadr, Malam Seribu Bulan

Ramadhan yang mulai sebentar lagi akan berangkat dan kita akan bertemu dengan bulan Syawal. Di akhir Bulan Ramadhan ini ada waktu yang amat istimewa dimana satu malam yang digunakan untuk beribadah kepada Allah SWT akan bernilai lebih seperti beribadah selama seribu bulan. Waktu yang istimewa ini dikenal dengan lailatul qadr atau malam seribu bulan.  Pendapat kebanyakan ulama menyatakan bahwa malam seribu bulan ini berada di akhir Ramadhan. Nabi Muhammad SAW menjelang berakhirnya Bulan Ramadhan melakukan iktikaf di mesjid selama sepuluh hari. Dari Aisyah r.a. beliau meriwayatkan bahwasanya Nabi SAW di sepuluh hari akhir Bulan Ramadhan mengencangkan kainnya, menjauhkan diri dari menggauli istrinya, menghidupkan malamnya dan membangunkan anggota keluarganya. Hal ini dilakukan beliau SAW agar keluarga beliau mendapatkan kemuliaan bertemu dengan malam seribu bulan.  Para ulama berselisih pendapat dalam menetapkan kapan di sepuluh hari terakhir Bulan Ramadhan malam lailatul qadr datang. Dari…


Dari Ali bin Abi Thalib berkata: “Aku bertanya kepada Nabi Shallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam tentang keutamaan (shalat) Tarawih di bulan Ramadhan lalu beliau Shallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam berkata: Di malam ke-26: Allah mengangkatnya seperti pahala 40 ulama.


Dari Ali bin Abi Thalib berkata: “Aku bertanya kepada Nabi Shallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam tentang keutamaan (shalat) Tarawih di bulan Ramadhan lalu beliau Shallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam berkata: Di malam ke-25: Allah mengangkat siksa kubur darinya.


Dari Ali bin Abi Thalib berkata: “Aku bertanya kepada Nabi Shallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam tentang keutamaan (shalat) Tarawih di bulan Ramadhan lalu beliau Shallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam berkata: Di malam ke-24: Dikatakan kepadanya, ‘Ada 24 doa yang dikabulkan.’

Manchester United Squads in USA Tour

Manchester United has arrived at United States of America to begin their pre-season tour for the upcoming English Premier League. The fans in United States are welcoming the team graciously. For the new boys sign by Manchester United this pre-season tour is having a new experience. Ander Herrera the new midfield from Atletico Bilbao said he cannot wait to play in front of Manchester United fans in America. Luke Shaw the new left back would say something the same. Ander Herrera opinion backed by Wilfried Zaha, whose speculated to be thrown out of Old Trafford by the new regime, saying the pre-season will give benefit experience to the newly sign players.

Louis van Gaal not only bring senior squad in this journey but also the promising player. The young player brought by the new gaffer are Will and Michael Keane, Jesse Lingard, Sam Johnstone, Tyler Blackett and Reece James.  Senior squad who left out by van Gaal are Patrice Evra, Bebe (both are currently approach by Juventus and…


Dari Ali bin Abi Thalib berkata: “Aku bertanya kepada Nabi Shallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam tentang keutamaan (shalat) Tarawih di bulan Ramadhan lalu beliau Shallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam berkata: Di malam ke-23: Allah membangun baginya sebuah kota di surga.

Mati Satu Tumbuh Seribu

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Dari Ali bin Abi Thalib berkata: “Aku bertanya kepada Nabi Shallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam tentang keutamaan (shalat) Tarawih di bulan Ramadhan lalu beliau Shallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam berkata: Di malam ke-22: Pada hari kiamat ia akan datang dengan rasa aman dari semua kesulitan dan kecemasan.

Louis van Gaal; His Philosophies and Man United Ambition

Louis van Gaal in the recent press conference, after join Manchester United, always talk about his soccer coaching philosophies. What is exactly the ex-Netherlands coach soccer philosophies? Here are few of his philosophy I gathers from some articles:

Players have to do the exact roles in his position. "You have to play as a team not an individual" said the ex-Netherland manager when FIFA TV interviewed him. That is why LvG is looking for the vision then the team and then making his choice based on the team need. The new Manchester United manager like to see his player qualities for certain type of position.
Every players has their own profiles for every position. The profiles will eventually used by him to improves the players' game
Play attractive attacking football. Forget the defensive-reactive football of the late David Moyes, LvG will always attack. He likes his team to play possession football. The fans will hopefully watch the Total Football of Netherlands…


Dari Ali bin Abi Thalib berkata: “Aku bertanya kepada Nabi Shallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam tentang keutamaan (shalat) Tarawih di bulan Ramadhan lalu beliau Shallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam berkata: Di malam ke-21: Allah membangunkan baginya sebuah rumah dari cahaya di surga.


Dari Ali bin Abi Thalib berkata: “Aku bertanya kepada Nabi Shallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam tentang keutamaan (shalat) Tarawih di bulan Ramadhan lalu beliau Shallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam berkata: Di malam ke-20: Dia diberikan pahala para syuhada dan orang-orang shaleh.

Shalat Tarawih, Amalan Khusus di Bulan Ramadhan

Shalat Tarawih adalah amalan yang khusus karena hanya ada di Bulan Ramadhan. Tarawih dalam bahasa Arab berarti istirahat. Maka shalat tarawih berarti shalat yang dilakukan setelah beristirahat dari shalat empat rakaat. Biasanya shalat tarawih dilakukan setelah shalat isya. Di beberapa tempat di Indonesia shalat tarawih dilakukan setelah khutbah di Bulan Ramadhan.
Beda shalat Tarawih dan Shalat Tahajjud Shalat tarawih yang dikerjakan di bulan Ramadhan berbeda dengan shalat tahajud atau qiyamu lail yang biasa dikerjakan di waktu hari lain. Jika shalat tahajjud dikerjakan setelah beristirahat atau dalam bahasa Al Quran dan hadist dikerjakan sepertiga malam, maka shalat tarawih tidak harus dilakukan setelah beristirahat. Seperti yang telah disebutkan dalam paragraf awal bahwa shalat tarawih bisa dilakukan setelah shalat isya. Keutamaan shalat tarawih ini sangat banyak. Ada sekitar 30 keutamaan yang didapat seorang muslim yang melaksanakan shalat tarawih di bulan Ramadhan. Keutamaan shalat ta…