The Fault In Our Stars; SparkNotes

Wait a minute I haven't finished reading The Fault In Our Stars by SparkNotes. It brings back my youth :) soon I will give my thought about The Fault In Our Stars hopefully my ideas is the same as SparkNotes.

The Fault In Our Stars based on the history of the author Jhon Green and his fans who died because of cancer named Easter Earl. Although the author said the novel purely fictitious Mr. Green cannot denied that his experience loosing Esther to cancer is much effected the relationship between the novel protagonist.

Reading SparkNotes Plot Review of The Fault in our stars is like reading summary of the novel. It helps students in America to understand the story in brief but it will make the students not read and not getting the literary rich of the novel. If an American student having difficulty to do his homework they just go to SparkNotes and copy what the website give them.

My lecturer does not agree with the plot review if she ever read it. She might say it just a summary of the novel and does not give any meaning to English Literary course. An English students majoring Literature should do more than just summarize the novel, they have to search more.

Kinda dissapointed with SparkNotes but I guess if the website is targeting high school students, it worked just fine

Why don't you get a copy of The Fault In Our Stars From Amazon? We could discuss it here ;)


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