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I want to write about my struggle and determination of increasing my blog traffic with using some tips. Blogging, or you must said having a blog, in the beginning was just a lifestyle for me. I blogged only to be like others. I began to blog around the year of 2007 or 2008 that was when I graduated from University of Padang majoring English Literature. I just blog like others, mainly I wrote my daily journal or you could say diaries of my daily lives. I do not care about traffic or people read my blog until one day I figured out that my hobby was just too expensive and I need other revenue aside my office routine. As you can see in the picture above this blog is no longer silent, traffic is pouring in and here is my story of getting traffics.

People blogs for some reasons and as for me as I said before I blog just for lifestyle. But I came to Yaro Starak blog enterprenuer journey my motives changes. As a newbie in blogging I found out that Yaro's enterprenuer journey was amazing simply it attracts people into reading his post and leave comments. His blog is about how to make money online, his post was not just diary like mine but beyond that it provides information to his visitor about writing something useful for others and getting known online.

I downloaded Yaro's ebook Blog Profit Blueprint (if you visited his blog you will find it right away) to learn how making money online works. From his book I summarize three important things to make money online:

1. Blogging

2. Informative articles

3. Traffic

First I have been doing it since I left college but I realize people do not find what I do today interesting. So I began to read Blog Profit Blueprint and try to comprehend what Yaro had written about making money online.

After reading Yaro's ebook I was beginning to change the way I blog. The first thing to do is giving informative articles to people who came to my blog. After contemplating for a lot I did a case studies. I changed my diaries post with something usefull for a teenage. I am targeting teenage aged of highschool and college students. After taking very deep thinking of what information can I give to those targeted I post this article. Then I found that my blog post is informative. The "idea" is beginning to attract people to my blog pencaricerah and my target market is not just visiting they even leaving their comment on the post. I am glad that the idea making pillars that I learned from Yaro is working.

My blog began to get 100 visitors from Indonesia every day and recently I begin to increase my blog's traffic to 1000 visitors every day. It will take time, but I believe proven tips to increase blog visitor from Yaro and find what people wanted will definitely works.

There are several steps or tricks you could use to attract traffic to your blog or your spesific article on your blog. If you read the latest ebook from Yaro Blog Traffic For Beginners you would find that the best traffic source for your blog and your online business is from the search engine (google, yahoo, bing or baidu). There are a lot of articles for this around the web so why should you buy an ebook when you have the source for free? Take it from me Yaro will give you guidance to find what is the best trick to attract people from all over the world. I had prove myself and the trick is just one example.

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