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What is David Moyes's blueprint – his vision for Manchester United?

by Jamie Jackson

There was a moment among the wreckage of Manchester United's 3-0 trouncing by Liverpool when David Moyes was forced to confront reality.

He was asked if being the manager of the 20-times champions was more difficult than he had thought. "The job was always going to be hard," he said. When pushed if the post was not just hard, but harder than he had hoped, the man who has overseen a 43-point swing to United's fiercest enemy, had to reply in the affirmative. "Harder? Yes I would say so, yes."

With each demoralising defeat the ire and concerns of United fans focus more on Moyes and whether he is the man for the job. The manner of the defeats the 50-year-old is overseeing is the chief charge against him. All teams lose but to go down constantly by playing like a team of strangers seven months into his inaugural season offers scant hope of optimism.

Supporters want to look at the Moyes project and see a glimmer that things are coming together. Inste…

Footballers Are Like Sheep

By Michael Owen

For anyone dissecting the post-match comments of Robin van Persie following Manchester United’s midweek Champions League defeat, there is something you must consider.

Footballers, essentially, are like sheep.

Seriously. When you are winning games and part of a successful side, everything is hunky-dory. The manager is the best you have worked for, the training is so enjoyable you give the impression you skip to work each day and the tactics are the most effective you have ever had the pleasure to put into action.

Start losing games and the story changes. There is no excuse a player will not willingly hide behind.
That is when the whispers start. The manager does not have a clue, the training is too repetitive and boring, and the tactics are not getting the best out of those available. There is always someone to blame.
It only needed Van Persie to mention team-mates running into his space for everyone to start analysing the heat maps and further questions to be asked about whe…