Greenies Gums for Dogs

What relation between teeth and dog? Just like human, dog's mouth are not sterilized from bacteria. IF human have candies as replacement for toothbrush dog had too, Greenies dental chew is a product that will make dogs breath smell fresh and clean. It helps controlling harmful plaque in the dogs mouth and the most importantly dogs love them. Greenies is recommended product at for dog lovers.

In the old days this products concerned dog owners because it ingredients learned from dog owners complain about Greenies, the company now have new formula that safe to consume on your dogs because it contains natural antioxidants and dietary fiber so don't worry for your babies getting obecity :) .  Just make sure they chew it before swallow it. This product is recomended for 5 to 15 pounds dog and most importantly you have to read for how to use in the label before you realize your babies is not in good mood because of it.

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