Nice Offer from

I don't know what happen to server today, but I feel very pleased with it. As you know is a pay to click site that will give its user 1 cent every clicked it member do to see their sponsors. As always I kept doing click for the advertisement they reserved for standard member in the morning. This morning I only got 6 or 8 sites. As a standard member of I will try to click my other site in the afternoon or after lunch.

This time I really suprised that gives me another 6 sites to click. This is a suprise for me! So I click them all and get my account increase quite rapidly. I planned my earning untill 3rd of february is 2 dolars, but if had this kind of error than I might getting the goal sooner than I expected.

Thanks to what ever happen to I hope I can get to premium account shortly.


I cannot login to my account anymore.. hahaha...
I have abandon this pay to click site for how many years now? My first note about is in 2009 and it almost two years I do not do anything in this site.. perhaps because my absence my account is terminate.

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