How many blogs do you have??

Are you trying to find a better living? Are trying to be an internet marketer? Do you really want to have another income besides your job today? Why don't you try blogging activity.

A weblog or what is known as blog, is a hierarchy of text, images, media objects and data, arranged chronologically, that can be viewed in an HTML browser. Darren Rowse make the definition simple for us. According to him a blog is a blog is a type of website that is usually arranged in chronological order from the most recent ‘post’ (or entry) at the top of the main page to the older entries towards the bottom.

Nowadays there are a lot of website that offer blog activity to their user. Google for example, as far as I know this website only offer two things, search engine and email accounts. But look know. Google even make their service to blogging. For someone who has google accounts they can make their own website with blogger, google service of blogging activity.

A blog today is not only to write diaries, hobby, or other reason for individual. It also could make somebody earning money. Adsense for example, it is google service after adwords, offer blogger to monetize their blog. The term monetize what I get is blogger earning money from their blog.

I already have three blogs on They are this blog, kandra-wilko, kandrawilko and kw-literatureviews. Well that on blogger. I also have other blog on Multiply and wordpress. I've been wondering for myself why I have to create that much of blog. Its amazing for myself, a person who rarely write, to have blog as much as these. Okay, I'll admit maybe, personally, I am a trend victim, a term used in Indonesia where an individual tried to copy what is up-to-date lifestyle. However now I'm trying to make my blog specific as I could.

You know why I want to specify my sites? It because of other bloggers that have already earn money from their blog. Well earning money in dollar
My blog kandrawilko is my sites for personal thought, achievement, and socialize to other people, mostly indonesian.

The second blog I have is Its kind of funny though cause when I make this blog I tought I do not have BLOG for the first time. Silly of me doesn't it. This blog also rarely updated. I plan it to be my diary or something. Famous writers or Bloggers said that writing habits come from the activity of noting the special moments of your life. Well, it works for couple of months, untill I get busy by thesis for my undergraduate program. haaaah... is almost the last weblog that I make. It based on my desire to make the traffic to this blog is higher so people would go this page often. However, again things did not work as I plan. I am not a Hacker. I know nothing about computer or stuffs except browsing, and blogging offcourse.

The last blog that I have is that as I planned to be be blog that give information about the latest music, usefull program, and other thing that will make people take benefits form it. However, I closed it. That is what I tought though untill I sign in in Blogger. In my Dashboard the link seem still active. I'm pretty sure I have deleted it (cancel my account).

People goes to blog to express their ideas, it is the same for me. However, they (other bloggers) have vision when they started their blog(s). How about me why I have to make a blog?? Its just simple motive. I want to be part of this world. Although you guys maybe come to this blogs coincidentally, its ok i appreciate that. But at least you guys have to tell me your suggestion about my blog. Please.

I am the kind of person that like nail. It took hammer to make move. Here, now, I just wondering what make people come to my blog? What can I offered them? I want to get approved by adsense or other ads site so that I could make a little bit earning from this activity. However it will difficult when you do not know what kinds of people that search for something. I wonder if this blog is useful to the world.
Crap.. I am so pessimistic now.

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