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Watch this video for the answer to a big question

You know how you always see Internet marketers
selling products about how to make money online
and it seems all they do is make money by teaching
how to make money?

Yeah, I'm pretty skeptical too, and that's why I
like this video.

In the second half of this video Yaro Starak takes
you behind the scenes of two case studies of
people who are using his online marketing
principles to build businesses in unique niches:

- Fran Kerr is helping people treat acne with
alternative methods

- Jay Jay is a professional illusionist and
magician, who teaches people his tricks using
online video

You can see how they are building their lists in
the video here -

The start of the video is really inspiring, as
Yaro takes you through a slide-show from his
8-month trip around the world.

During his trip he conducted two different
membership site launches in two different
countries. One of these launches…