Hoping WP (more) kindness..

My last day on warnet will come really close. I still worried that I cannot do anything anymore with my blog and several internet marketing program that I had joined. It was a difficult choice though, leaving this job for a new one in a new region. But I have to do it, because I have to make my brothers and sister complete their college program.

With my current job it will be hard for me to pay for their college fees, and I still a newbie in internet marketing. My online business online program does showing a good progress, but as I said before I am a beginner in this kind of business.

Each article about internet marketing is saying that I have to update my blog at least twice a week. When I have all that I need in my current job I cannot updated this blog regularly. Out of ideas, boring, and stuff like that always makes me ignored my blog.

Hence, when I quit this job I do not have my own internet connection. I have to use internet cafes. The cost, man... it makes my head feel hurts. And I still have a little worried in myself because I have violated the WP TOS. Some blogger had already told their stories that their blog had banned in wp.com because they put ads. If that come to me than I have to say good bye to this blog.

Man it will hurt so much. This blog is already had rank in google (checked it with google toolbar). And to start a blog from zero again.. it will be pain in the back (cause I have to sit straight for hours to type some word :-))

I just hope WP give exclusion for me to make  money from my blog... (sigh)

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