A month in Blogvertise... no advertiser

For some people making money online is a piece of cake, but not for me. I have heard Yaro and his friend talked about bussines online and his friends already make $ 1000 from selling his e-book, or from google adsense. Moreover he earn it from 90 sites that he owns!!

Man that is so spectacular. I wish I can learn with Yaro and his friends but what can I say I do not have money to get a credit card. My savings is always decreasing the number every two weeks cause I have to make my brothers and sister get the same chance as I do, get their B.A. My current salary cannot fulfill the needs.

I am beginning to know blogvertise from Indonesian bloggers. The requirement as I thought is easy, that are having a blog and some skill in English. Well, I get those two. This blog is already have a pagerank so I submitted it. But till now I do not see any advertiser interested in my blog to promote their products.

I wonder why?? Can anybody answer please...

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