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Qatari Emir disappointed over lack of quorum for emergency Arab summit

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DOHA, (PIC)-- The Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, has expressed disappointment at the lack of quorum to hold the emergency Arab summit which he called for to discuss the Israeli occupation forces' devastating aggression on the Gaza Strip that has been ongoing for three weeks.

In a speech he delivered Wednesday night to the Arab World, he said that whenever quorum is almost secured it fails to anew.

He said it was a shame to reduce discussion of the IOF aggression to a consultative meeting at the sidelines of a previously prepared summit. He asserted that his call for the extraordinary summit was still on and the decision was left to the Arab leaders.

Sheikh Hamad said that when he delivered his first speech in which he called for holding the summit the number of Palestinian martyrs was 500 and 2400 wounded but now the number has risen to 1033 martyrs and the wounded to 4560.

The Emir said that the summit could have taken important steps such as suspending the Arab peace initiative and ending all forms of normalization with Israel including re-considering diplomatic relations. He added that the summit could also call for an immediate ceasefire, withdrawal of troops, opening crossings and lifting all forms of the illegitimate siege.

He announced the establishment of a fund for the re-construction of the Gaza Strip, declaring that his country would donate 250 million dollars to this fund. He also called for organizing a sea route through which all Arab countries would supply Gaza with its needs.

Israel must be brought to account for its war crimes and crimes against humanity before international courts, Sheikh Hamad underlined in conclusion.

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